Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Diminishing Views

I'm not quite done bashing winter yet.

While I enjoy the bluster and excitement of a storm like today's... I am also reminded that we are headed into the season of limited visibility. Without warning we can be thrust into a cave of snow as storms drop multiple feet of the cold white stuff on our homes. Just a few years ago we had snow so extreme that I literally couldn't see out of any of the windows in my home. Frantically, I tried using a broom to carve out a tunnel of vision. The broom was no match for the snow, so then I brought in the big guns and used my heavy duty steel shovel to unearth a view for myself. After a lot of digging, which included great quantities of snow ending up INSIDE my home... I opened up a tiny porthole into the outdoors. And then I could breathe again.

What is it about the feeling of being trapped inside with no view out? Is there a primal quality in some of us that forces us to keep the outdoors in view at all times?

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