Saturday, January 10, 2015

Me and My Shadow

I see them everywhere now. They jump out at me from the most unexpected places and surprise me with their beauty.

With perfect choreography the lake was transformed into a pristine white canvas in the last three days. First came the slow motion freeze which gently morphed the choppy, blue lake into a motionless, glossy mix of indigo and black. Next, the snow delicately dropped a three inch velvet smooth blanket of virginal white on top. Throughout the day yesterday I watched as cold blue images flickered across the undisturbed snow cover. And then, when the sun was directly behind my house I saw this image painted in periwinkle with bits of lilac rimming the edge. The intricate branches of the trees as they frame the house are a lovely counterpoint to the stark angles and creates a composition that an artist could have conceived.

Just days before, my daughter Sarah pointed out a cast shadow inside our house that I had walked by so many times without seeing. The small wooden bird perched on a window gently broke up the harsh angles of winter light filtering through the panes. Soon after that I began noticing other shadow play throughout the house and I was reminded (again) to look more closely at what I see, because often, there are many hidden delights lurking in the shadows.

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