Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My First Art Acquisition

What art does an artist want on the walls their own home? 

That is a something I have thought about over the years. The question is even more important to me now, because I have minimal wall space in my home and I have to choose very carefully. My own art is already hanging in a few spots, but I also want to surround myself with works of art that inspire and move me in some way. To own a work of art by someone I know and respect adds an extra dimension of pleasure to my experience.

So, I am happy to start my art collection with an original pastel painting by my teacher, Jeanne Rosier Smith. I heard of Jeanne a few years ago, when my first pastel teacher described her technique and beautiful paintings of waves. Eventually, I made my way into her classes (which wasn't easy!) and when I viewed her seascapes up close I was stunned. I didn't know it was possible for pastels to capture the translucent quality of waves with such painterly strokes. 

When viewing the new painting from 8 or 10 feet back I see color and light dancing across the crashing wave to create an image that could almost be a photograph. But as I move closer, I understand that Jeanne has created an illusion for the viewer through perfectly planned strokes and blocks of color. 

The new piece, "I Can See Clearly Now", is the start of what I hope will be a well-planned collection of my favorite artists. And I can't think of a better beginning.

You can view more of Jeanne Rosier Smith's gorgeous pastel art at:

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