Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dreaming in Color

The Pantone Hotel in Brussels

I can't imagine more appealing lodging for designers, artists and others who are hyper aware of color. This new boutique hotel is cleverly designed with a motif that plays off of the iconic Pantone color chips.

Long before graphic designers started selecting digital color on a computer screen, they used the Pantone Matching System, which was referred to by the acronym PMS. Over time, as the term PreMenstrual Syndrome (PMS) worked its way into popular culture the use of the Pantone acronym slipped away and is rarely used now.

Equivalent to a doctor and stethoscope, the Pantone swatch book was once an essential tool for the designer. Now, the Pantone color system remains an important part of print design, but takes a back seat to digital color systems.

In a smart move, Pantone inserted themselves into popular culture with their bright, innovative line of products touting Pantone brand. They also have positioned themselves as the arbiter of color and now annually designate "The Color of the Year". This year's color (drum roll please)... "Marsala".  The Pantone Color Institute's trend forecasting can be a valuable tool for product designers and anyone looking to create a contemporary image through color choice.

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