Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Staggering Weight of a Delicate Flower

This beautiful orchid was recently given to me by two very thoughtful (and optimistic) friends. I am mesmerized by the colorful paper thin petals that evoke tropical birds in flight. The fragrant blooms remind me that the return of warm weather and flowers are not far away. I plan on sniffing the sweet scent as often as possible and hope to enjoy this lovely plant through winter and beyond. Except I know I will not. Because, this is not my first orchid. Or even my second. It may be my third or fourth, but I am choosing to forget exactly how many times in my life I have killed these tender beauties.

I remember my first orchid vividly. It was sent by an appreciative client and I was immediately smitten. I had never owned one before and was in awe of its unique, fragile beauty. The directions seemed simple enough that even I, a well known plant killer, could follow. Simply add "X" amount of water "X" times a week. How hard could that be?

Well, honestly, that would be more challenging for me than most people. While I have always taken great care of my children and dogs, plants are unfortunately linked directly to my self-care. When I am off the rails my needy, green friends shall go unwatered. Plants are expendable. Kids and pets are not. My roots growing in and hair two months past a cut? Haven't seen the gym in two weeks? You can be sure plants all around me are dropping dead.

Yet, here I am again, having been deemed a trustworthy guardian for this living miracle of nature. I would like to tell you that this time will be different. Because THIS orchid is an "Ice Cube Orchid" and all that is required of me is that I place three ice cubes in the pot once a week. But unfortunately so were orchids #2 and 3. Or was it #3 and 4? Either way, I apologize in advance to my generous friends, nature in general and most of all... to my hopelessly doomed orchid.

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